Welcome to A Blessed Life Beyond Cancer Blog, where you can learn to thrive instead of just survive!  I’m thrilled you decided to drop by my blog page.  Please make yourself at home and feel free to look in my cupboards.  😉 I started this blog to help you navigate the winding road of your (or a loved one’s) cancer journey and I’ll be with you from the beginning (of your visit to my page, of course).

Remember, your journey doesn’t stop when you hear the terms remission, gone, etc.  You must continue to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle to ensure you remain in a cancer free or remission state as long as possible; hopefully for the rest of your life!

For more information on this blog, stroll down further on this page or to learn more about me and my story, click on the “About Author” button.  To skip all this blubbering and fast track your learning, click on the “Blog” button above to be taken directly to my blog posts.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to share your story with me, please contact me.  I want to hear from you; whether good, bad, ugly, or anywhere in between!

With hope, love, and gratitude,

Chell ♥

Why I began this blog:

  1.  I’m a cancer survivor and I saw a lack of community and support when I and my family needed it the most.
  2. There is very little helpful information out there, especially from cancer patients themselves.  We need honest and unbiased support, information, and resources.
  3. I’ve noticed how many cancer patients/survivors are ashamed, feel alone, or feel they did something wrong and I wanted to change these harmful thoughts!
  4. I wanted to help the family and friends know what to do and how to actually help.  There are two types of people in a cancer patient’s life – those who are there at the ready, but don’t have a clue how to help or those who disappear because of not knowing what to do or say.  I’ll take the first friend any day,  over someone who fades away.  I want to help you be a third person, one who knows what will help and how to put your love into action.
  5. Through this blog, my other social media accounts (links coming soon), and my friends, you will learn about and have access to the following:

Diet Tips & Recipes (including Gluten Free)

Workout Ideas

Expert Advice



Beauty and Fashion Tips & Tricks (before, during, and after)

Product Reviews

General Cancer Information, About Organizations and Statistics

How You can Help your Loved One through Cancer

How You can Help Other Patients and Your Community

How to Get Involved in Relay For Life


Creating an Inspirational Life at Home, Work, and Within your Family

Relationship Advice and Marriage Support

Supporting your Kids and Creating a Strong Family Bond


And so much more!